Analysis: The Best New Flight Simulator 2018?

flight simulator 2018It’s not easy to cut it in the crowded market for flight simulators. It’s a very competitive field, with a number of proven and tested players such as Microsoft Flight Simulator 2018 and Pro Flight Simulator 2018 still going very strong. But there has been a new flight simulator 2018, one that has won a lot of attention in the market.

That’s the Virtual Pilot 3D 2018. There is a lot of talk about it being the best flight simulator 2018. Is that really true? Let’s investigate!

Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 is an incredibly popular new product in the flight simulator market, which offers a whole lot of options and features, more so than any other product in its category. For example, there are over 25,000 locations on Virtual Pilot 3D 2018. That is simply mind boggling. Nobody has seen anything quite like this before.

There’s more – Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 is a legitimate flight simulator and carries the seal of approval, from none other than the U.S. FAA. The product has been approved by the U.S. FAA as fit to be used for training purposes in flying schools. Indeed, most flying schools in North America use this flight simulator already. They like the fact that it is so very realistic and presents a real challenge for their students.

By the way, did you know that NASA has approved the use of Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 for research and development? There really are few products in the market for flight simulators that are anything like it.

 So why is the Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 the best new flight simulator 2018? best flight simulator 2018

Well, for one, it is authentic.  Have you noticed that of the several flight simulator games that you may have played in the past, most appear gimmicky or too easy? That’s not a problem with this software. You are going to be amazed at how realistic it is, and challenging, for that matter.

In fact, try taking off on a plane on virtual pilot 3d 2018 – you will realize how hard it is. Without proper practice, you won’t be able to get the place anywhere off the runway. The game requires players to be diligent and to hone their craft over time.

This is by far better than anything you will get with Pro Flight Simulator 2018. Indeed, spend a few minutes with Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 and you will get the feeling of actually being in a real plane, taking on all the challenges and hardships, such as realistic weather and climatic conditions, difficult runways, rain, hail and snow, as a real pilot would, one a day to day basis.

Make no mistake; you are in charge, not the computer. You control the success of your mission and are responsible for any failure. No other new flight simulator 2018 tests your skills in quite the same manner as Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 does. That’s why we are so excited about it and are willing to talk about it for hours!

Let’s consider some of the facts – when you play flight simulator 2018 , you can select from over 250 different planes ranging from the large Boeing and Airbus passenger planes to the tiny World War 2 era fighter planes. You can fly a variety of helicopters, cargo planes, flying ambulances and yes, even a space shuttle! The variety that this game offers you is simply staggering.

microsoft flight simulator 2018The cockpit design is so simple and realistic that it is just like what it would be in a real plane, with the same level of difficultly. Have you ever seen the cockpit of a mid-sized passenger plane? You would be dumbstruck by the complexity of all the switches and buttons. On Virtual Pilot 3D 2018, you will have a very close approximation of that and so will know exactly what to expect when you actually get your chance to fly a real plane much later.

Is the best flight simulator 2018 expensive? Surprisingly, for all its quality, it is not! It costs just $67, which is as low as it gets for a flight simulator of this high quality. What’s more, there is a special offer available to you, should you buy this flight simulator by clicking on the link below. You will get a free VIP membership, which means, you will get free software upgrades for eternity (yes!). This VIP offer would actually cost $39.95/month, but you will get access to this for FREE!

Moreover, you are entitled to a refund within 60 days. 60 DAY BACK GUARANTEE.

What are you waiting for? Buy the Virtual Pilot 3D today!

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