Analysis: The Best New Flight Simulator 2018?

flight simulator 2018It’s not easy to cut it in the crowded market for flight simulators. It’s a very competitive field, with a number of proven and tested players such as Microsoft Flight Simulator 2018 and Pro Flight Simulator 2018 still going very strong. But there has been a new flight simulator 2018, one that has won a lot of attention in the market.

That’s the Virtual Pilot 3D 2018. There is a lot of talk about it being the best flight simulator 2018. Is that really true? Let’s investigate!

Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 is an incredibly popular new product in the flight simulator market, which offers a whole lot of options and features, more so than any other product in its category. For example, there are over 25,000 locations on Virtual Pilot 3D 2018. That is simply mind boggling. Nobody has seen anything quite like this before.

There’s more – Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 is a legitimate flight simulator and carries the seal of approval, from none other than the U.S. FAA. The product has been approved by the U.S. FAA as fit to be used for training purposes in flying schools. Indeed, most flying schools in North America use this flight simulator already. They like the fact that it is so very realistic and presents a real challenge for their students.

By the way, did you know that NASA has approved the use of Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 for research and development? There really are few products in the market for flight simulators that are anything like it.

 So why is the Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 the best new flight simulator 2018? best flight simulator 2018

Well, for one, it is authentic.  Have you noticed that of the several flight simulator games that you may have played in the past, most appear gimmicky or too easy? That’s not a problem with this software. You are going to be amazed at how realistic it is, and challenging, for that matter.

In fact, try taking off on a plane on virtual pilot 3d 2018 – you will realize how hard it is. Without proper practice, you won’t be able to get the place anywhere off the runway. The game requires players to be diligent and to hone their craft over time.

This is by far better than anything you will get with Pro Flight Simulator 2018. Indeed, spend a few minutes with Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 and you will get the feeling of actually being in a real plane, taking on all the challenges and hardships, such as realistic weather and climatic conditions, difficult runways, rain, hail and snow, as a real pilot would, one a day to day basis.

Make no mistake; you are in charge, not the computer. You control the success of your mission and are responsible for any failure. No other new flight simulator 2018 tests your skills in quite the same manner as Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 does. That’s why we are so excited about it and are willing to talk about it for hours!

Let’s consider some of the facts – when you play flight simulator 2018 , you can select from over 250 different planes ranging from the large Boeing and Airbus passenger planes to the tiny World War 2 era fighter planes. You can fly a variety of helicopters, cargo planes, flying ambulances and yes, even a space shuttle! The variety that this game offers you is simply staggering.

microsoft flight simulator 2018The cockpit design is so simple and realistic that it is just like what it would be in a real plane, with the same level of difficultly. Have you ever seen the cockpit of a mid-sized passenger plane? You would be dumbstruck by the complexity of all the switches and buttons. On Virtual Pilot 3D 2018, you will have a very close approximation of that and so will know exactly what to expect when you actually get your chance to fly a real plane much later.

Is the best flight simulator 2018 expensive? Surprisingly, for all its quality, it is not! It costs just $67, which is as low as it gets for a flight simulator of this high quality. What’s more, there is a special offer available to you, should you buy this flight simulator by clicking on the link below. You will get a free VIP membership, which means, you will get free software upgrades for eternity (yes!). This VIP offer would actually cost $39.95/month, but you will get access to this for FREE!

Moreover, you are entitled to a refund within 60 days. 60 DAY BACK GUARANTEE.

What are you waiting for? Buy the Virtual Pilot 3D today!

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Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 New Flight Simulator 2018

If you, like many others have always wanted to fly a plane then you can experience the nearest thing to it with the Virtual Pilot 3D 2018. With so many different options this simulator game has been used to train professional pilots in the military commercially and even civilians paying thousands of dollars! In fact the majority of people paying for flying lessons are trained using Virtual pilot 3D 2018 before they can set foot in a real aircraft and to improve their skills in-between.

What makes this flight simulator 2018 stand out is the fact that it has one of the most realistic visual and hands on technology to allow want to be pilots to really experience being in the cockpit. All of the latest technology has been used to give a more realistic experience than ever before.

This pro flight simulator 2018 has a multitude of benefits including the numerous options including more than 150 aircrafts for you to try your hand at. Everything from private helicopters, jets, military aircrafts and the 1903 Wright brothers plane has been included! With over 20,000 locations all over the world you can take off, fly over and even land in a multitude of terrains and conditions. If you want something different you can use the in game designer to create your own terrain and landing strip. There is no end of ways that you can have hours and hours of in-flight action.virtual pilot 3d 2018

By integrating Google Maps and 3D rendering you will be able to create real areas and even add your own landing strips. If you have ever dreamed of landing an aircraft in your own city, your own road or anywhere in the world you can make your dreams a reality with this state of the art simulation. Edit any part of the map to create your very own landscape

The Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 is an affordable way to get you in the cockpit without having to leave home. You have the option to download the sim free copy or physical dvd’s allowing you to take the game with you. If you decide to download and need to format your computer you can uninstall and reinstall without having to re-purchase it. Once the game has been purchased you don’t have to pay for any future upgrades including new locations and planes.

microsoft flight simulator 2018If this is your first flight simulation game you can use the this new flight simulator 2018 tutorials that are included to get started. Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 offers its users a way to learn to fly with realism encountering all of the conditions you would as a real pilot.

Everything from the cockpit, to the conditions in flight and terrain are as close to realistic as you can get from a flight simulator 2018. The Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 even puts the most expensive simulators to the test. Your flying adventures can begin the moment you install the game on your computer. You too could lose yourself in the skies, trying out a multitude of aircraft all around the world without having to step outside of the front door.

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Best Flight Simulator 2018 Great Navigation

Flight Simulator 2018Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 is offering you a wide range of great tools that help it become the best flight simulator 2018 has to offer. But why should you consider getting this title and not the Microsoft flight simulator 2018 or anything similar? There are many reasons behind that and the main one comes from the fact that this is a very good, refined game that offers a lot of realism.

The main approach here is focused on having a very good user experience. It’s known quite a lot that if you want a good or the best flight simulator 2018 you do need to have accurate instrument approach plates. Most of the flight simulator 2018 games do not have this which is why considering the idea of playing Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 might be a great starting point for sure. And since this is a very good, interesting title with a lot to offer you do get to immerse yourself into a cool experience right from the start.

ATC and navigation

One of the best things to keep in mind about Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 is that this is a game that actually has a very good ATC system. People that want to obtain great realism from a flight simulator 2018 do want to focus on great results and with something like this game you can do that. The game does tend to offer tower, departure, approach, center as well as ground ATC in one of the best experiences that you can find out there. The best part about the ATC here is that you also receive GPS waypoints.

Having GPS waypoints is not common in a good flight simulator 2018 but then again that’s what makes a game like this stand out. The fact that it continually innovates and tries to breach the boundaries does make the game more interesting. It does pose some challenges here and there but as a whole you will find the game to be very unique and focused on an outstanding set of experiences right from the start.Best Flight Simulator 2018

With the Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 game you can get a stellar, pro flight simulator 2018 experience because you can even choose to fly on a real airline route. It can be hard to find such an opportunity to be honest and being able to actually focus on this type of experience is uncommon but also very rewarding. The game does a very good job when it comes to creating a route for you based on the actual waypoints used by that specific airline.

It sounds hard at first but things like this tend to offer the game so much value, refinement and uniqueness. You are free to follow those airline ideas and focus on a great experience because if you do that then the outcome will be extraordinary to begin with.

Great scenery

One of the things that people like quite a lot in a good flight simulator 2018 is the ability to find anywhere without a problem. Having the ability to explore a world at your own pace is crucial and being able to do that in your free time as you see fit is what makes Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 so unique in the first place. The game has a worldwide terrain that is based on NASA and that means you will always be able to fly anywhere you want.

The entire thing is really accurate here and being able to obtain a good method of exploring the world as you see fit is what you should totally consider right from the start. Cool moments like the ones that you can find in this game are very hard to figure out and set off for that matter, which is what makes Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 so unique and exciting in the first place. The game does a very good job at being distinct and the entire uniqueness of the experience manages to offer a visually impressive, truly interesting twist for it.


Virtual Pilot 3D 2018 does tend to offer you some of the best pro flight simulator 2018 experience because unlike other similar types of content this doesn’t just try to cut corners. It actually manages to deliver an outstanding, 100% unique experience that really helps you get a very good outcome and the fact that you get so much realism with it is very interesting as well. Obviously, the more you play the more enticing the gameplay gets to be and there’s nothing you want more than to just have fun.

new flight simulator 2018They made everything from the cockpit to the way you control the plane very realistic. You do need some good gear to make the most out of the controls but if you do want to learn how to fly then you most probably have this already. It’s interesting, exciting and it does provide you with the means that you need in order to reach better results and a much better experience.

Plus, since all information is accurate and you even have ATC integration you will always find yourself dealing with unpredictable situations as well as complete support from the game. You also get to explore the world at your own pace and have fun with it which is also a neat thing and one of those situations that you can rarely find anywhere else on the market.

Should you play Virtual Pilot 3D 2018? Yes, this really is maybe the best flight simulator 2018 has to offer. It’s fun, easy to use and it does bring in front some interesting gaming moments. Definitely check it out, you will be glad that you did for sure. Obviously, just like any other flight simulator 2018 the game does have a slight learning curve but you will get used to it very fast. You just have to take your time but you can rest assured that the gameplay will be nothing short of impressive. Just check it out and you will not regret it.

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